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Acer announce 10.1″ and 7″ Android / Windows Tablets

Acer have announced new tablets at a press conference in New York. They will be releasing the products with both Windows and Google Android operating system support.

Acer announced the two 10.1 inch tablets which offer both WiFi and 3G support. The Android tablet is designed for entertainment and gaming and comes supplied with a 10 point multi touch system and an HDMI port for connection to a television or monitor. This should hit retail in April 2011, a few months after the Windows product.

Acer Tablet: picture Reuters

While the Android model is geared more for a younger audience, the Windows model seems to have a focus on the business end of the market with a full sized keyboard being offered, front and rear mounted cameras and a docking station. The processor is a ‘next generation AMD’ model which we would assume could be a Fusion unit.

As well as the 10.1 inch models, Acer announced a smaller 7 inch version which is set for launch in Q1 2011. It will be running Google Android and has a dual core processor, which they haven’t yet detailed. The display is a high resolution panel offering 1280×800 resolution with WiFi and 3G support. There will also be a front facing HD camera for recording and video conferencing with a HDMI port out for a television or monitor.

KitGuru says: Samsung are doing well with their Galaxy Tab, but market saturation in this sector seems inevitable.

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  • Jeremy

    Seems quite pointless everyone releasing these.

  • Rock Hard

    I would say they could sell a few of these, there is a market for people who a: dont like apple and b: wont spend so much on a tablet.

  • Tech Head

    well I hate to break it to you, but the windows version of these tablets will probably cost just as much as the apple products. Google android is always less as google dont charge for their operating system to the manufacturer, so the savings are passed onto the customer.