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VTX3D drops 7970 down to £299 plus vat

Against a back drop where even Intel’s profits are down 13% in Q1, the pressure to offer value is on everywhere – and KitGuru readers can benefit from these cuts. Following the drop in 7950 pricing that KitGuru reported last week, we are now seeing substantial movement at the top end. KitGuru pulls out a stool and reaches for the high shelf.

You can’t pay Ford prices and expect to get a Bentley, but with the new move on Radeon HD 7970 pricing from VTX3D, you can get a Bentley for Mercedes money. Which is not a bad deal at all.

This is the special ‘X-Edition’ that Zardon raved about back at the start of March. The saving that we’ve seen on sites like Overclockers amounts to almost 15% or £60. That’s enough of a saving to bin the HDD and go with an SSD. Nice.

Given that a picture is worth a thousand words and KitGuru is along-winded gas-bag, here’s the money shot.

Winning technology from a winning manufacturer and now at a winning price. What's not to like.

KitGuru says: Against the GTX680, buying a Radeon HD 7970 at its launch price was a tough call to make, but with the new sub-£300 price before the tax man strikes, it’s a revitalised offer and well worth considering. Roll on more positive nVidia launches and AMD price cuts!

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