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T-Remove passes 200,000 on Facebook – fightback is on

You come home to find that the government has re-organised your house, painted the walls pink and the grass purple. Oh, and by the way, we’ve re-organised the rooms for you as well. Nice. So what happens when people don’t want these decisions taken for them? Facebook fightback group T-Remove is on the march. Read on brothers/sisters.

Every day, thousands of poor Facebook users wake up to find that a faceless corporation has changed their entire life – without asking them. The question then gets asked on Google/Bing, “Damn Facebook!  How can I un-install Timeline?  I never asked for this!”

Well the T-Remove chaps have used the fact that Facebook needs to be ‘configurable’ for businesses, to create a configuration that’s almost identical to the old version.

According to the instructions on their new downloader page, all you need to do is a fee clicks. Here’s how the T-Remove folks desribe it:-

“Restyletimeline is an extension that revolutionizes the way you see the new timeline on Facebook.
You can choose between an old style and a new style, removing some annoying features from the new Facebook design, while keeping some useful functions.
Give it a try!”

There’s a small heads-up message at the bottom to say that they have spotted a couple of pages where the layout is not 100% what you might expect – but a fix is coming soon.

The instructions are simple enough. From what we can tell, these T-Remove people are aiming to give you full control over what you see and where. Nice.

KitGuru says: So far, the T-Remove business model is not clear. They could be doing it for ‘love’ or the advertising or there might be some ‘chargeable’ involved down the line. We did a straw poll and found that 100% of the people we spoke to, who hate Facebook Timeline, would pay £1-5 a year NOT to use it. With 200,000 likers already out there, this sounds like a viable business. Er, congratulations Facebook for encouraging entrepreneurship?

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