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Aria offers XFX 7870 with EIGHT game bundle

We’re all aware of AMD’s ‘Never Settle’ campaign for Xmas, where the purchase of any decent spec card is accompanied by some cool new games for your stocking – free of charge. But it seems that the chaps at Aria have taken this one or two steps further. KitGuru plays down the RSI for a minute, just to get a handle on what’s being offered for £173.

The XFX Core Edition 7870 has a stack of connection possibilities at the back. With a pair of DVI, pair of mini-DisplayPort and an HDMI available, you have more choice than a hungry vegetarian at a Harvester salad bar. Never mind the 1GHz GPU clock and 2GB of GDDR5 memory, this DX11 card offers 1,280 processing streams and full DX11 compatibility with EyeFinity etc all baked in.

And that choice continues through to the games that it comes supplied with.

Santa would be happy to have his sack filled like this

If the bundle makes sense, then this is a very hard deal to ignore.

KitGuru says: Without doubt, if you get a new graphic card – you’re gonna want new games. Even 1 or 2 decent titles will make the 25th/26th etc of December a much happier place. But getting access to 8 titles, like this, on a card that only costs £173 – does seem a little nuts. If it sounds appealing, pull out your nut crackers, cos we’re told that when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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