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League of Legends coming to Steam?

League of Legends has been making a lot of journalistic waves in the past few days, with the biggest focus on the removal and crack down on trolls. However the big rumour today is that the world's most popular game could be coming to Steam.

The hints come from entries in the Steam CDR database for a ‘lol.launcher.exe' and versions of the game in French, German and Spanish. While Valve is of course working on its own MOBA title, DotA 2, Gabe Newell said earlier this year that he liked the genre in general. Whether this means he would add his game's main competitor to Steam remains to be seen.

LoL could bring a lot of players to Steam and vice versa

However it could be a smart move, since League of Legends is currently the biggest game in the world, with over 30 million active monthly players. Comparatively the as-yet unreleased DotA 2 has a lot less, so making both available in one place is much more likely to draw away LoL players than it is to deter DotA 2 players. On top of this, if even a fraction of those millions of regular LoL players begin playing through Steam instead of the standalone client, that's several million more people seeing Steam adverts for other games, which will ultimately result in more sales on the platform.

All of this is speculation however, so the question is both if and when.

KitGuru Says: What do you guys think the chances are of this becoming a reality? And if it does, would you play LoL through Steam?

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