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Dabs digs deep, slashes Radeon 6850 price even further

OK, it’s gone from a love-fest to a blood-bath in a matter of minutes. KitGuru recently reported that Bolton-based Scan had pushed hard on Radeon pricing to offer the world a 1GB XFX 6850 for £128. Now it seem that might not be enough to capture top spot. KitGuru uses a BT hall-pass to get inside Dabs’ latest deal. Where will it end?

No sooner had Scan moved the XFX Radeon HD 6850 to £128 including VAT – with a free copy of Dirt 3 thrown in for good measure – than we began to get pinged by their physical neighbours, BT-pwned Dabs.

While the card itself is still a 775MHz XFX with 1GB of memory, there are 2 fundamental differences.

First, this is bundled with Total War: Shogun 2.

Second, it is a full £10 less, at just £117.99 inc vat.

When you remember that, when it launched less than a year ago, the 6850 was around £160 – this new price from Dabs represents a drop of more than 26%. Substantial stuff.

The real question is, will this be enough to stimulate growth in the hottest months of the year?

Would you rather be in the park, on the beach or busy fragging? Yep, us too !

KitGuru says: While the share holders might not be happy with this kind of slashing on prices, gamers love it. With the 768MB GTX460 on Dabs from £133, it seems likely that we will see a corresponding drop in prices from nVidia. Anyone who bought one of these DX11 cards a year ago, must be a little tempted to go CrossFire/SLi at these prices!

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