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Scan quick off the mark with cut-price Radeons

It’s finally starting to look like a sticky summer.
As temperatures rise, long trousers are swapped for shorts and skirt lengths decrease.
Against that backdrop, you need to make your offers hot-hot-hot if you want to grab the punter’s cash. Reduced Radeon prices seem to be AMD’s answer. KitGuru slips behind the Reebok to have a quick Scan at what’s what.

In the days of yore, each generation of graphic card produced such a huge increase in performance, that it was hard not to feel inadequate when your neighbour pulled out the latest 10″ beauty and proceeded to install it.

These days, progress is still being made, but at a much slower rate of knots.

While changing an old card for something like a GTX560 might be appealing, it hardly seems worthwhile to upgrade from a GTX460. The incentive to upgrade needs to be powerful, and the warm weather means that any card over £150 is likely to be met with a lethargic response.

Looks like the purchasing chaps at Scan have been working hard on this problem and, with a little help from XFX, are offering a bit of a bargain.

The 1GB XFX 6850 runs at 775MHz and, with the latest price drops in place, can be pre-ordered from Scan at just £128 inc vat.

Price cut from Scan seems to put the 6850 into a very competitive part of the market. Includes Dirt 3. Apparently.

KitGuru says: We’re off to suck on an ice pop. If we find a better deal, you will know about it before we’ve extracted the last of the juice from the tube.

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