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Sparkle unloads high calibre GTX660 on market

While some of these names may be unfamiliar, graphics specialist Sparkle is part of one of the world's largest manufacturers of graphics cards and its Calibre series is aimed squarely at the affordable nVidia performance market. KitGuru notices something new on the site and heads off to investigate.

The Calibre GTX660 sports a dual fan system and comes overclocked with an 8% performance boost – straight from the box.

According to Sparkle's engineers, the Calibre X660 Dual Fan is equipped with the ultimate dual silent PWM cooling fan, by utilizing 3 units 6ø ultra cool heat pipes, the heat is easily dissipated from the surface of the cooling fin, fully covering the key components onboard. This Dual Fan arrangement seems to offer running temperatures that can be as much as 15% below nVidia's reference card.

They also claim that by using “…the best components a graphic card can have, such as a tantalum cap, alloy choke and uses the SO8 Powerpack, we can offer stable gaming performance even when overclocked”. Nice.

You are likely to be seeing more of this brand in 2013

The Calibre brand was established 7 years ago, in 2005, and it's a popular choice in various markets around the world. For 2013, it looks like they will be driving hard into the UK market as well. Interesting times ahead.

Here's the tech-spec on the new card:-

KitGuru says: Competition in any market is welcome, because it encourages the new-comer to work harder and it spurs the existing players into action in order to defend their turf. Sparkle seems to be coming in heavy, with every intention of expanding sales in the UK and other markets. Interesting times ahead.

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