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Synology DiskStation savings seen in certain stores

While some markets are occupied by major competitors who like nothing better than to batter each other with price promises and cuts all the time, but the world of backup solutions seems to move at a more serene pace. That's why a move on Synology caught our eye. KitGuru backs up for a better look.

After almost 1,500 of you voted in the recent KitGuru survey on NAS solutions, Synology rolled in with a whopping ~40% of the vote.  That was close to double its nearest rival. Impressive.

Alongside the company's history and excellent reputation for software, the overall package feels solid in your hand. We know it's not scientific, but you're talking about a device that will be trusted to safeguard your most important data for many years to come – so it's nice when you pick it up that it feels absolutely secure.

When you're at that end of the market, with such a strong reputation, you'd avoid ‘specials'. Basically, the ‘preferred brand' in the market doesn't need to spend too much time on discounts, because customers are already sold on the solution – so saving a few pennies/pounds is not so relevant.

But that doesn't mean that there aren't deals out there.

It might only be 12%, but you can save £20 on a Synology DiskStation DS212J up at Aria right now – as part of the retailer's Black Friday line up. A quick look at the bargains in the hard drive section will also reveal some interesting 3TB deals – perfect for home or small office data security.

Even at it's original, higher, price - the Synology DiskStation 212J took KitGuru's top award. At this price, it's even more of a bargain - especially with the latest deals on 3TB drives in the market.

KitGuru says: While we can't see a doubling of sales overnight, even this kind of price move is likely to stimulate interest in the world's leading brand for NAS storage. And a good thing it is too, we say.

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