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Nvidia teases something to look out for on 19th March

Nvidia may be planning something new for gamers ahead of the 22nd March trade show GTC 2020. The Nvidia Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Twitter handle posted a teaser earlier of something to look forward to on 19th March, which has since been taken down.

According to TechPowerUp, the now-deleted Tweet from Nvidia ANZ published an animation depicting an eye-tracking two points of light crossing the iris, which immediately sparked reactions and theories on Reddit of what it all could mean. Some Reddit users think this may be pointing towards the launch of new graphics cards or an announcement regarding next-generation ray tracing.

However, the popular opinion is that the teaser could be related to a release of Nvidia’s foveated rendering technology that was announced back in 2016 at SIGGRAPH when VR related technology was breaking into the mainstream.

Nvidia’s foveated rendering technology is a form of eye-tracking integrated into a VR headset that drastically reduces workload and allows for more detail in virtual reality scenes, specifically the area of the frame that your eyes are looking at. This happens by tracking the user’s foveal vision (the area a user is focusing on) and rendering areas outside foveal vision at lower detail to save system resources. Meaning more attention can be focused on rendering image inside foveal vision with higher detail.

Since 2016, various rendering techniques have advanced and now a similar technology, variable shading rate (VRS) which renders different areas of the screen at varying resolutions and detail helps to improve performance. Nvidia could be looking at using this technology to implement into VR headsets to improve foveated rendering.

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KitGuru says: What do you guys think that Nvidia could have up its sleeve for 19th March? Would you like to see foveated rendering implemented into VR?

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