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AMD FSR 2.0 reportedly launching in Q2 2022

It looks like FSR 2.0 isn't the only upscaling technology in the works at AMD. While we expect to see it in action at GDC 2022, it seems the chip manufacturer will also announce a new technology called RSR, which is implemented at the driver level. 

As reported by VideoCardz, AMD will announce FSR 2.0 and launch RSR on March 17th, six days before the presentation at GDC 2022. The former should release in Q2 2022, but the latter is expected to release much sooner.

Image credit: VideoCardz

Like CapFrameX, VideoCardz also claims FSR 2.0 will offer similar and, sometimes, better than native image quality using temporal data and optimised anti-aliasing. Moreover, it won't need dedicated Machine Learning hardware, so older AMD cards may also support it. The list of compatible GPUs isn't public yet, but AMD should publish it soon after the announcement. Like the original FSR, the 2.0 version should be open-source and work on graphics cards from Nvidia and Intel.

As for RSR, this technology is much like FSR but runs at the driver level. The upscaling technique is expected to become available on the upcoming driver, scheduled to launch on March 17th, and will probably work on all games. You will need a Radeon RX 5000 series or newer graphics card though.

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KitGuru says: DLSS wasn't nearly as good as it is now back in version 1.0. Hopefully we'll see a similar quality jump as we move on to FSR 2.0. 

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