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AMD may announce FSR 2.0 at GDC after all

Last week, we learned that AMD would be revealing the “next generation of image upscaling for games” at GDC 2022, but further details were kept under wraps. Now, it seems that this will indeed be an announcement for FSR 2.0, which has been described as an “impressive” upgrade. 

The creator behind the frame analysis tool, CapFrameX, recently tweeted details about FSR 2.0, claiming to have seen footage of it in action. Supposedly, FSR 2.0 will be revealed soon, which may shed light on AMD's image upscaling panel at GDC 2022 next week.

CapFrameX vaguely detailed the technology in the tweet, stating it would use temporal upscaling and optimised anti-aliasing. Moreover, the technology will run on GPUs from all vendors and doesn't need AI, unlike DLSS and XeSS.

Since FSR 2.0 works on current GPUs, it should launch quite soon, rather than being held back to roll out alongside next-gen RNDA3 GPUs later in the year.

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KitGuru says: How do you expect FSR 2.0 will fare against DLSS? Beating Nvidia's tech without needing special-purpose cores, or even offering similar results, would be quite impressive. 

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