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AMD will reveal ‘the next-generation of image upscaling’ at GDC 2022

This year's GDC is right around the corner. Scheduled for March 21-25, the event will include two game awards ceremonies and various presentations from key industry players. AMD will be one of them, hosting multiple sessions, including one focused on “Next-Generation Image Upscaling for Games”.

According to the presentation description, the company will be presenting the results of their work on the next generation of image upscaling for games, how it works and how it can improve the gaming experience.

The vague description never mentions anything like FSR or machine learning upscaling, so it's unclear what type of technology AMD is talking about here. It could either be something like FSR 2.0, a demonstration of an unannounced technology or something else entirely. It could be a while before this technology becomes widely available though, as AMD could decide to launch this alongside RDNA3 GPUs later this year.

AMD's presentations are scheduled for March 23, starting at 5:00 PM GMT. The “Next-Generation Image Upscaling for Games” presentation will be at 6:30 PM GMT and should last an hour.

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