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EVGA’s former overclocker KINGPIN is now working at PNY

Renowned overclocker Vince “KINGPIN” Lucido has partnered with PNY to develop next-generation GPUs for extreme overclocking. The news comes as a welcome development for fans waiting for KINGPIN's next project following EVGA's departure from the high-end GPU market, which created a noticeable void.

KINGPIN, known for his skill in pushing hardware to its limits, revealed this collaboration during a recent interview with Gamers Nexus at Computex 2024. Previously, he was the lead engineer behind EVGA's high-end KINGPIN designs, which aimed to push GPUs to their fullest potential. However, with EVGA's exit from the GPU sector, KINGPIN began exploring opportunities to partner with a new company for next-generation GPU designs.

In this search, PNY emerged as KINGPIN's preferred partner. While he had discussions with various companies, including GALAX and ASUS, he expressed concerns about working with them due to an overcrowded environment, citing “too many cooks in the kitchen” with these companies already having in-house overclockers. Additionally, he engaged in talks with MSI, but the company did not demonstrate a strong interest in developing GPUs for high overclocking. On the other hand, PNY has shown considerable interest in shaking up the high-end GPU industry.

KINGPIN highlighted a noticeable gap in the high-end GPU market, which he aims to address through this collaboration. The next-generation GPU designs influenced by KINGPIN are expected to debut with the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 series of GPUs, carrying forward the legacy established at EVGA to PNY.

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