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Intel Arc Alchemist A370M trades blows with the RTX 3050 in new benchmarks

Laptops powered by intel's upcoming Arc A370M GPU will be launching soon. We've already seen a few benchmark leaks, but now, the first reviewer has had the chance to test the system, showcasing the entry-level gaming GPU up against the RTX 3050. 

Review samples of laptops using Arc mobile GPUs are still scarce. However, PCWorld had the chance to try an MSI Summit E16 Flip equipped with an A370M during a visit to Intel HQ. While there, gaming and synthetic benchmarks were conducted, and real-world content creation workloads were also tested.

Overall, the A370M seemed on par with the RTX 3050 mobile GPU. In 3DMark TimeSpy and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the Intel GPU was the fastest of the two. However, in Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition and Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the green team's GPU was the winner.

On Topaz Video Enhanced AI, the MSI system running the Intel Arc GPU was much faster than the RTX 3050-based system. However, note that this tool supports multi-GPU for Intel Arc systems, improving performance on the MSI E16 Flip.

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KitGuru says: Seeing how the A370M performs against the RTX 3050 leads us to believe the A550M will rival the RTX 3060. As for the A770M, it may even have a chance against the RTX 3070. However, the rollout for Arc Alchemist mobile GPUs has been slow to progress, and we know new GPUs from Nvidia and AMD are just around the corner, with both companies set to launch new GPUs in late 2022. 

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