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Intel Core Ultra 7 1003H CPU spotted online

Intel's upcoming Meteor Lake processors have once again made an appearance, this time with a mysterious new chip called the Intel Core Ultra 7 1003H. The existence of this new processor was revealed through a PugetBench result shared on social media.

Last month, Intel introduced its new naming system in preparation for the Meteor Lake launch. While Intel didn't explicitly mention the addition of “Ultra” to the name, an Ashes of Singularity listing showcased a Meteor Lake processor named the Core Ultra 5 1003H, suggesting that this could be part of the rebranding.

The recent PugetBench result shared by @Benchleaks is the second leak that features the Core Ultra branding. Although the meaning behind “Ultra” remains unclear, it could be one of several names used to differentiate SKUs across the entry-level, mid-range, and high-end markets.

Based on the PugetBench benchmark results, the Core Ultra 7 1003H appears to be a mobile SKU, indicated by the letter “H” in its name. However, its performance in the PugetBench Lightroom Classic benchmark was mediocre, scoring 534.5 points. This places it just 32.5 points above a PugetBench system featuring an older Intel Core i7-8665U mobile processor.

It's important to note that these benchmark scores should be taken cautiously, as the chip could be a pre-production sample with unresolved performance issues. Additionally, the Lightroom Classic benchmark may not necessarily reflect real-world performance accurately.

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KitGuru says: The listing may not show much about the upcoming Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” processor, but the increasing appearances on benchmark databases suggest it shouldn't take long before Intel starts to spill the beans on the upcoming CPUs.


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