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Insomniac promises Spider-Man 2 release date news ‘soon’

Last night, the PlayStation Showcase ended exactly how we expected it to – with a new trailer for Spider-Man 2. Unfortunately, while we did get a lengthy look at gameplay, no release date was announced, but Insomniac says more news on that front is on the way. 

Yesterday's gameplay reveal for Spider-Man 2 did end with a Fall/Autumn 2023 release window, but with the season just a few short months away, a more specific release date was expected, so there was a tinge of disappointment at the end of the show.

Now, Insomniac has said that news on this front won't be too far away. In a tweet, the studio thanks fans for their positive reactions to the gameplay shown, adding that it will soon share more news on the game's release date, pre-orders and accessibility features.

God of War: Ragnarok similarly went a long time without a confirmed release date. We didn't find out the exact date until July last year, just four months ahead of its launch. In the case of Spider-Man 2, a September release date is rumoured and if that date is accurate, then we should be getting confirmation very soon.

It is worth noting that while most of us consider November to be part of the ‘holiday season' when it comes to game releases, officially, the ‘Fall' season goes through November, so there is a lot of wiggle room for this release date and the game could come out later than anticipated.

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KitGuru Says: Spider-Man 2 looked great during the showcase last night but fans are itching for that release date. Insomniac is typically very organised with its titles and rarely delays, so whatever date they end up landing on, I think we can be confident that the game will indeed hit that date. 

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