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Intel Xe DG1 graphics appears in SiSoftware database

An entry for Intel Xe DG1 graphics has appeared in the SiSoftware database, alongside a leaked slide suggesting the GPU is aimed at the laptop market. This new entry confirms some specifications of Intel's upcoming chip, including the video memory, number of execution units, and shader processors.

According to the SiSoftware database entry (via VideoCardz), the Intel Xe DG1 will have 3GB of video memory, a GPU clock speed of 1.50GHz, 1MB of L2 cache, and 96 execution units (EUs), resulting in 768 shader processors.

This Xe DG1 seems different from the DG1-SDV, which has a clock speed of up to 900MHz. Unlike the Xe DG1-SDV, which was capable of 1.382TFlops of FP32 throughput, this Xe DG1 should be capable of 2.303TFlops. To put things in perspective, the PS4's GPU is capable of 1.84TFlops and the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti is capable of 2.1TFlops of throughput.

In other news, according to a slide from a presentation of the Argonne National Laboratory, leaked by KOMACHI_ENSAKA, the Xe DG1 is designed to be a low-power GPU designed for laptops. The Intel Xe DG1-SDV (Software Development Vehicle) shown at CES 2020, which was in the form of a desktop graphics card, is for “integrated software vendors (ISVs) to enable broad software optimisation for the Xe architecture”.

Speculating based on the information from this SiSoftware entry, this Intel chip could compete with Nvidia's entry-level laptop GPUs, such as the MX300 series.

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