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Intel’s latest Alchemist graphics driver brings a ton of fixes Arc Control

Intel recently released a new graphics driver for its Alchemist GPUs that brings some welcome fixes. However, these fixes aren't directly related to gaming. Instead, they're targeted at the Arc Control GPU management software, which is now included with the driver.

Intel's latest graphics driver (, which can be downloaded HERE, is the same as the version (Beta) with the added fixes to the Arc Control app. However, the number of corrections it brings to the management software alone are quite significant.

The full release notes of Intel's latest driver can be found below (game-related fixes not included):

Intel Arc Control fixed issues:

  • Arc Control Game Compatibility may incorrectly display unintended values in per-game profiles.
  • Invoking Arc Control in a dual-display configuration may incorrectly cease inputs on the secondary displays.
  • Arc Control may fail to invoke on some systems with certain regional language settings.
  • Arc Control may fail to launch after the system experiences a TDR.
  • An intermittent soft hang may be observed when starting an Arc Control Studio capture or broadcast.
  • Arc Control may display an erroneous message when attempting to enable Auto Game Highlights.
  • Attempting to modify certain fields in Arc Control using keyboard inputs may intermittently not register entries.
  • Arc Control may exhibit an application soft-hang when attempting to open on certain system configurations.
  • Arc Control Game Profiles may erroneously display a default placeholder image for certain game titles.

Intel Arc Control Performance Tuning (BETA):

  • Adjusting Performance Tuning values from a higher value to a lower value may cause tuning values to reset to default.
  • Adjusting the GPU Voltage Offset slider to the maximum value may incorrectly display unintended decimal values.
  • VRAM Effective Frequency metric in Arc Control Telemetry incorrectly displays the value in GHz.
  • Some Performance Graphs viewed within the In-Game overlay may incorrectly scale and exceed the Telemetry UI.
  • After clicking the “Reset to defaults” button in Arc Control Performance Tuning, a reboot is required to fully restore modified performance values to the desired default state.

Despite all these fixes, there are still many known issues with Arc Control. That includes Windows UAC Admin being required to install and launch the app, being unable to update, and it can stop working after a peripheral has been plugged in.

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