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New rumours claim RDNA 3 GPUs will have up to 12,288 Streaming Processors

Early rumours about RDNA 3 GPUs were quite ambitious, claiming the new GPUs would feature up to as many as 15,360 streaming processors. Since then, development has progressed and new information has come to light. With that in mind, a number of leakers have begun revising their previous claims with more conservative specifications. 

Based on the newly reported data by Redfire, the Navi 31 GPU should pack about six shader engines with two shader arrays each (12x in total). Each of these shader arrays would then come with four workgroups with 256 streaming processors, totalling 48 workgroups and 12,288 streaming processors. That's 12 workgroups and 3072 streaming processors less than the first reports claimed.

As for the Navi 32 GPU, the new rumours suggest it will feature four shader engines, eight shader arrays, 32 workgroups and 8,192 streaming processors. Lastly, the Navi 33 GPU is expected to come with two shader engines and four shader engines, but now with 16 workgroups instead of 20. Reducing workgroups will also reduce the number of streaming processors, now believed to be set at 4,096 (previously expected to pack 5,120).

The new rumoured specifications also contradict Greymon55's report, claiming the Navi31 GPU would be capable of delivering 92 TFLOPS of FP32 performance. Instead, assuming the +3GHz rumours are accurate, we should see something like 73 TFLOPS for the flagship GPU.

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KitGuru says: Considering we're still months away from the release, there's a chance that some of the specifications may still change between now and then. Moreover, we should also remind you that these are the full GPU specifications, so there is also the possibility of cut down variants appearing on graphics cards once they release. 

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