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Nvidia Blackwell successor will reportedly be named after astronomer Vera Rubin

We're already expecting Nvidia's next-generation graphics architecture to be named Blackwell, but what about the generation after that? According to one leaker, Nvidia has opted for Rubin, named after astronomer Vera Rubin. 

According to Kopite7kimi, the successor to Blackwell in the ARM and X86 inference segments will be the Rubin architecture. However, as with any early leak like this, plans are subject to change and it should be noted that this may not be the final decision.

Currently in development, the R100 and GR100 GPUs are specifically designed for data centres. According to the leaker, these are referred to as X100 and GX200 in the company's latest roadmaps. As of now, any claims that the GeForce RTX 60 series will use the Rubin architecture are pure conjecture.

For those who don't know, Vera Rubin was a pioneering American astronomer who studied galaxy rotation speeds. By examining galactic rotation curves, she discovered differences between galaxies' expected and observed angular motions.

KitGuru says: Nvidia's tradition of naming its architectures after scientists continues for another generation. Fortunately for the company, plenty of notable individuals have made a mark in the history of science, so they shouldn't fall short of names for future architectures.

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