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Nvidia RTX 30 GPU prices continue to decline

For the first time since August 2021, the RTX 3090 is available in Germany and Austria for less than €2,000. Moreover, it seems prices in Australia are also getting better, with RTX 3080 cards now being sold by a few retailers for $1,499 AUD (£841).

3DCenter has updated its on-going analysis of GPU prices across Europe, finding that the RTX 3090 is now even closer to its MSRP, costing about €1990. That translates into a surcharge of 20% over its MSRP, which is a pretty big improvement over prices from last year, with prices creeping as high as €3,199.

HardwareUnboxed has also recently found that RTX 3080 prices have reduced by 35% at select retailers in Australia, dropping down to $1499 AUD, which roughly works out at around £841.

This is still above MSRP pricing – the RTX 3080 baseline price is supposed to be £650. However, the current price is still considerably more attractive compared to prices over the past year. Soon, we may even start to see some RTX 3080s dropping to MSRP prices in certain regions.

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KitGuru says: The current situation suggests GPU prices will reduce even further. If prices dip towards MSRP, will you upgrade your GPU, or will you be holding out for next-gen graphics cards at the end of the year?  

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