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Nvidia RTX 40 series “Ada” GPU specifications leak

Recently, Nvidia suffered a cyberattack, during which 1TB of confidential files were stolen. The group behind the attack is attempting to use this as leverage to force Nvidia to unlock LHR GPU performance and switch to open source graphics drivers. To prove it is serious, some files have leaked following the hack, with the latest giving us an early look at RTX 40 series GPU specs. 

According to kopite7kimi, the early configs for the AD GPUs were 144, 96, 48, 32 SMs, but the leaked files suggest otherwise. Seeing the table shared by @davideneco25320 comparing the SM count of the Turing, Ampere and Ada GPUs, it looks like Nvidia changed things quite a bit.

The latest reports claim Nvidia ADA A102 GPU has 144 SMs (18,432 CUDA cores), the AD103 GPU features 84 SMs (10,572 CUDA cores) and the AD104 GPU packs 60 SMs (7,680 CUDA cores). On the lower end, we have the AD106 and AD107 GPUs with 36 SMs (4,608 CUDA cores) and 24 SMs (3,072 CUDA cores), respectively.

The Nvidia RTX 40 series desktop GPUs are expected to release later this year, with the first cards likely coming in September.

KitGuru says: Compared with its predecessors, it looks like the jump from Ampere to Ada will be significantly bigger than the one from Turing to Ampere. Still, the SM count increase is rarely proportional to the performance gain, so we can't draw any conclusions just yet. 

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