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Seasonic to launch 12-pin connector for the Nvidia RTX 3000 series

We have previously covered the possibility of Nvidia introducing a new 12-pin connector with its upcoming next-gen graphics cards. Now, Seasonic has confirmed that the 12-pin connector will power the RTX 3000 series GPUs on Chinese social network Bilibili, showing the converter made by the company.

The guys at HardwareLuxx have already received the Nvidia 12-pin PCIe Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 connector and shared some images of it. The connector is a converter of 2x PCIe 8-pin PSU connectors into a single 12-pin PCIe male connector, allowing users that already have a capable PSU on their systems to power an RTX 30xx graphics card. Seasonic claims that the connector has only been used for internal testing, despite looking like it's the final product.

It's not known if this 12-pin connector will be bundled with Seasonic PSUs or with Nvidia RTX 30xx graphics cards. Nonetheless, the cable will probably be sold individually at PC hardware stores.


Image Credit: HardwareLuxx

The Nvidia 12-pin PCIe Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 connector cable will be 750mm long. It's recommended to use it on an 850W or higher rated Seasonic PSU. Unfortunately, there's no information regarding how much power the 12-pin connector can deliver, but it's expected to be around the 300W mark (150W per 8-pin PCIe connector). Add the 75W delivered by the motherboard PCIe slot and it totals up to 375W of power to the graphics card.

The 12-pin connector is expected to be used on Nvidia Founders Edition graphics cards. There are no signs of its use on AiB partner graphics cards at this point in time, but that could change after Nvidia's big event on the 1st of September.

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