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Two unannounced Nvidia Quadro RTX GPUs leak via Khronos

Nvidia seems to be getting ready to launch two new workstation graphics cards. As per Khronos Group's OpenCL conformant products page, Nvidia has submitted two unannounced Ampere SKUs to receive OpenCL 1.2 certification – the Quadro RTX A4000 and RTX A5000.

As seen on this page spotted by @KOMACHI_ENSAKA, Nvidia added two graphics cards to the “OpenCL_1_2” tab on the 18th of February. These cards are the Quadro RTX A4000 and RTX A5000, two unannounced workstation-oriented graphics cards.

Nvidia has yet to announce specifications for these graphics cards, but we expect to see the Quadro RTX A4000 being powered by the GA106 GPU and the Quadro RTX A5000 by the GA104 GPU. Based on this assumption, the Quadro RTX A4000 may come with up to 3840 CUDA cores, while the Quadro RTX A4000 would feature up to 6144. As for the memory, we would estimate that it will be less than the 48GB of GDDR6 featured on the RTX A6000.

With the launch of the RTX A6000, Nvidia has altered the nomenclature of its workstation-oriented graphics cards. By cutting off the “Quadro” from the name, the new generation of Nvidia's workstation graphics cards now follows the “RTX Axxx” scheme. Interestingly enough, the entries on the OpenCL conformant product page follows the old naming scheme.

KitGuru says: If you were to build a workstation PC, would you like to have more graphics card options from Nvidia besides the RTX A6000? What memory configurations do you think the RTX A4000 and RTX A5000 will feature?

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