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AMD Vega reveal coming Thursday, the rebellion continues

AMD is continuing to champion its new idea of ‘rebellion’ in the PC space, with the upcoming debut of its Vega graphics architecture this Thursday at the CES 2017 show. To get us all even more hyped, it’s released a new trailer which metaphorically and literally bangs the drum for the next-generation hardware.

AMD’s 400 RX series of cards, also known as the Polaris line up, was reasonably well received in 2016. It brought down the price for virtual reality capable graphics cards by a good margin, but didn’t do anything to push the envelope of performance and left Nvidia uncontested at the top end of the scale. Vega is designed to change that, with AMD targeting GTX 1080 performance right out of the gate.

Although we won’t know until the Thursday unveil and beyond, about whether that’s a viable target, early reports suggest Vega could be a strong contender. For now though, AMD is just teasing its unveiling. The Ve.ga minisite has a countdown on it and a trailer that encourages you to ‘make some noise’ for Vega and bang the drum for the “rebellion.”

In the video filled with references to rebellions of the past, including a 1920s movie which is at least partially based during the 1917 Russian revolution, AMD shows a young boy banging a drum. A big, red drum. Iconography in the background demands that the people be given control once again, and stating that virtual reality is not just for the one per cent.

That sounds an awful lot like what the 400 series GPUs did for the gaming world, bringing down the price of VR capable hardware. That’s not something we expect Vega to do, but AMD does have a tendency to undercut Nvidia where it can, so we may see it do the same again when Vega is released at some point in the first half of 2017.

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KitGuru Says: With Zen showing so well against high-end Intel chips, do you think AMD can continue its current wave of change with a strong unveiling of Vega?

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