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Sapphire FLEXes the 6770 muscle

The ability to connect multiple screens to a single system, is fast becoming a key feature for experienced professionals and gamers alike. KitGuru installs wide-screen eyeballs and checks out the latest from Sapphire central.

While nVidia has only just got the hang of multiple screens running from a single graphic card on its $1,000 mega-uber-card, the GTX590, AMD partners like Sapphire are bringing multi-screen action to a much wider audience.

Latest in the range is the Radeon HD 6770 Flex Edition. As the name suggests, it is more than just EyeFinity ready. It's another one of Sapphire's ‘To EyeFinity, and beyond!' cards

Checking online and it seems that eBuyer was first/fastest to move on the new product, showing 10 in stock this morning at a few pennies under £115.

So what does that mean, in practical terms?

For gamers, you can spend £418 and come home with not only the Sapphire Radeon HD 6770 card, but also 3 brand new LG 1080p HD monitors. Business users/content creators could splash £101 more for the 4th screen and end up displaying more information than any sane person could possibly process.

EyeFinity and beyond with Sapphire's HD6770 Flex Edition at just over £100

KitGuru says: This kind of second generation DirectX 11 technology is now becoming so affordable that a lack of desktop real estate is the only thing holding many people back.    www.IKEA.com anyone?

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