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3rd Generation CrossFire will be fastest yet

Using the multiple GPUs in a CrossFire or SLi system properly can make a big difference to your benchmarking scores. Now we are hearing something at KitGuru about new technology in this area.

With the 6800 cards Nvidia brought SLi to market hard and fast. ATI engineering was looking to make faster and faster clocks at that time but Nvidia went a different direction.  Sure some early efforts were poor but when this new setup worked well it was impossible for ATI to catch Nvidia's scores. The single X850 Platinum Edition was no match for two 6800GTs (when they worked).

nVidia's complicated bridge was destroyed by the elegance of ATI's solution

After much work ATI brought its spaghetti setup to the market and was pushing journalists to say this external cable configuration was better than SLi bridge which it surely wasn't. If you are a journalist old enough to remember the need to have a master card, then for sure you are now smiling.

In 2008 the madness was finally over and AMD (as it was now called) brought the familiar bridge to market.

It is no longer a tricky road to upgrade graphics on your system and it does not really matter which setup you choose, they all pretty much work. In most cases the CrossFire system will work well as soon as you turn it on and the Catalyst drivers give a strong boost these days. So if everything is so happy in CrossFire land then what can AMD engineers be bringing to the party next?

Is this blury web pic the shape of CrossFire FX things to come?

The speed of your GPU cores and GDDR memory have been changing all the time and the same for Catalyst improvements. So what does that leave?  We are hearing that the interface between the cards can now be improved.

Could this be true? Well AMD has always prided itself on the high speed interconnection system called HyperTransport and they have been working on motherboard chipsets longer than ATI engineers. So the question changes to Will AMD be able to create a Bulldozer system which runs graphics faster than any other combination of graphics, processor and motherboard with a similar price?

3rd Generation CrossFire on Bulldozer FX could give the fastest graphics ever seen

KitGuru says: Creating new kinds of motherboards with a faster interface between your Radeon cards would be a genius idea. AMD would not be forced to make such an advantage available to competitors so there is pressure to stay 100% with AMD products.

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