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Amazon and Newegg are now selling graphics cards in pricey six packs for miners

Graphics cards have been harder to get over the last few months, in large part due to demand from cryptocurrency miners. Prices have gone through the roof and it looks like retailers want to cash in on the mining craze further, with Amazon and Newegg beginning to list graphics card ‘six packs'.

GPUs are already selling well above MSRP and now the market is reaching new heights. Currently on US Amazon and Newegg, you can get six pack bundles of any of Nvidia's TX 10 series GPUs or AMD's RX 400 or 500 series. The GTX 1060 bundle is going for $3780, meanwhile a six pack of GTX 1080s will set you back by $6300. On the AMD side of things, a six pack of reference 4GB RX 580s will cost $3600.

Looking at the bundles, it seems that the current inflated cost of graphics cards is accounted for in these bundles. For instance, the MSRP of a Founder's Edition GTX 1080 is $499, if the GPU could be had for that price currently, you could get twice as many cards for the price of the six pack.

In order to cater to miners, PC case manufacturers are also chipping in with their own efforts, releasing cases with room for up to eight GPUs. It is similar on the motherboard side of things, with several motherboard makers pushing out new mining boards with more PCIe slots.

Investing in the cryptocurrency market seems like a dicey endeavour though. Bitcoin has crashed over the last month and other various alt coins have also dipped in value. However, the market is constantly fluctuating so it will likely bounce back again soon. Either way though, the GPU market is a dire place for DIY system builders and gamers at the moment.

KitGuru Says: Graphics card prices are the worst I've seen them in quite some time. Are any of you currently trying to get your hands on a new GPU? Has the current state of the market caused you to hold off on upgrading? 

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