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AMD announces FSR 2.0 coming in Q2

Over the last week, rumours have been circulating around AMD’s next-gen upscaling technology. Now today, AMD has officially announced RSR, its new driver-level upscaling feature, and FSR 2.0, which is coming in Q2 2022. 

Previous leaks claimed that FSR 2.0 would arrive in Q2 and today, AMD has confirmed exactly that. We’ll get some more details during GDC next week, but for now, we have a few details about the upgrades FSR 2.0 will bring.

FSR 2.0 aims to offer better than native image quality, with visual improvements to every preset that FSR offers. As previously expected, FSR 2.0 does not use any machine learning hardware, so the feature will be widely supported across GPUs.

While we’ll have to wait a little longer for full details on FSR 2.0, AMD has released RSR, another upscaling solution originally announced back at CES. Now that this feature is available publicly, we’ve put it to the test, so check out our RSR analysis, including comparisons to FSR 1.0, NIS and DLSS, HERE.

KitGuru Says: FSR 2.0 is on the way and it sounds like it will be a very good upgrade. We’ll be back with more next week following AMD’s GDC panel. 

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