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AMD promises two new GCN GPUs for 2016

AMD has been making some moves these past few months, starting with forming the Radeon Technologies Group and more recently the company announced plans to move away from the Catalyst Control Centre in favour of ‘Radeon Software', which will feature a total overhaul for the driver. Now, AMD's Radeon Chief, Raja Koduri has promised two new GCN graphics cards for 2016.

Speaking with Patrick Moorhead at Forbes, the Radeon head explained that the new GPU driver software will play a key role in business strategy over the next few years, this will include more regular and stable updates.



While the driver team at the Radeon Technologies Group works away on that, the architecture team will be coming up with new hardware designs, which means we should be getting two brand new graphics cards next year, based on either the 14nm or 16nm fabrication process. Key focusses will include power consumption and higher performance.

Other areas of focus over the next couple of years will include virtual reality, education, professional graphics and even medicine. It looks like AMD is looking to make a push on all fronts possible. This, combined with the scheduled launch of Zen CPUs should make 2016 quite interesting.

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KitGuru Says: So we can expect two brand new graphics cards from AMD next year, though we don't know exactly when those will launch. Nvidia also has new architecture planned for next year, in the form of its Pascal GPUs, so it will be interesting to see how things turn out in 2016. Are any of you waiting until next year to pick up a new GPU? 

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