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AMD RX 480 and RX 470 benchmark results appear online

AMD may have revealed its Radeon RX line-up of Polaris GPUs this week but there are still quite a few questions left to be answered. Fortunately, while we all wait for reviews, some benchmark leaks have given us a rough idea of what performance to expect from the RX 480 and RX 470 graphics cards.

The RX 480 and RX 470 have been run through 3D Mark Firestrike, presumably at stock clocks. The results were obtained by Videocardz and they show the RX 480 sitting between the R9 390x and GTX 980 in performance.


In Firestrike Extreme, which runs at 1440p, the RX 480 with a core clock of 1266MHz and 8GB of VRAM managed to score 5708 points on average, while in Firestrike Ultra, which runs at 4K, the card scored 2856 points on average. This is compared to the GTX 980, which scored 6062 in Extreme and 2960 in Ultra.

The RX 470 was also briefly mentioned in the report, with the GPU (codenamed 67DF:C4) scoring 13,100 points at its lowest in the 1080p Firestrike test and 16,164 in its best case scenario.

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KitGuru Says: AMD is aiming to really capture the sub $300 GPU market with its new Polaris cards and it seems that quite a few people are excited about that. Now we just need to wait for reviews to hit to get an idea of in-game performance. 

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