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AMD to release two Polaris GPUs in 2016

AMD is launching plenty of new architecture this year, with Zen CPUs due out at the end of 2016 in addition to the first Polaris graphics chips. AMD introduced us to Polaris earlier this month, with a presentation on the first new chip and now, the Radeon team has confirmed that there will be at least two Polaris graphics card launches this year.

The first GPU is currently known as Polaris 10 and is considered to deliver similar performance to a console, designed with small form-factors in mind. The second is known as Polaris 11 and will likely be a more high-end chip. It is worth noting that these aren't the final names of these GPUs, they will still carry the Radeon name, Polaris just refers to the architecture.



Exact release dates are currently unknown but apparently this will be AMD's biggest performance jump in several generations. We already know a bit about AMD's GTX 950 equivalent card but information on the performance of higher-end chips is currently not known.

KitGuru Says: It will be interesting to see what AMD can bring to the table with the launch of its Polaris architecture later this year. Are any of you planning on upgrading your graphics card this year? 

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