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ASUS confirms AMD Radeon ‘AREZ’ series of graphics cards

With the GeForce Partner Program being a sticking point of discussion recently, we have all been wondering about what plans AiBs may have put into motion for the future. ASUS is now the first company to make its position official, confirming that AMD Radeon RX graphics cards will be moving over to a new brand called ‘AREZ'.

We first caught wind of this a couple of weeks ago, but the news has now been made official. ASUS today announced that AMD AREZ graphics cards will be available starting in May, with four different coolers available out of the gate- STRIX, Phoenix, Expedition and Dual.

In reality, not much will change between ROG cards and AREZ equivalents. ASUS will still be supplying its flagship STRIX GPU cooler, and continuing to support AMD GPU launches with additional custom cards, like the Dual, Phoenix and Expedition. The feature set will also remain, so AREZ buyers will get access to GPU Tweak II, FanConnect II, and other technologies like MaxContact. Even the way ASUS produces AREZ graphics cards will remain the same, with the company sticking to its 100% automated production process.

The AREZ lineup will begin rolling out in May “in select countries”, and pricing will depend on individual retailers, so there are still a few questions left to be answered regarding pricing and availability. We'll update once we hear more.

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KitGuru Says: It's official, ASUS's Radeon lineup is moving over to AREZ, but aside from the branding, not much is changing. The press release didn't mention GPP at all, which isn't too surprising. Now that ASUS has made its plans official, it will be interesting to see if other AiBs make similar announcements soon.

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