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ASUS gives update on RTX 30 series graphics card supply

At launch, it swiftly became clear that the RTX 30 series graphics cards were in high demand and very short supply. There are still pre-order customers sitting in lengthy queues to get their hands on a GPU. As one of the most popular AIBs around, ASUS ROG is right in the middle of the situation and has given an update on GPU production this week. 

Over on Twitter, ASUS ROG posted a statement, saying that UK shipments for RTX 30 GPUs are increasing this month, but demand is still very high:

“ASUS, TUF and ROG 30 series GeForce RTX graphics cards are constantly in production and are being shipped as soon as they physically can be”, ASUS says. “We apologise that this is a frustrating time but please make sure you check your order status as frequently as you can and look for any direct communication from your chosen vendor”.

ASUS isn't alone here, with all other board partners also struggling to meet the high demand for RTX 30 series graphics cards.

KitGuru Says: Hopefully the availability situation improves soon, as we know there are many eager upgraders looking to pick up a new GPU. Are any of you currently on a waiting list for an RTX 3080 or RTX 3070? Or were you lucky enough to get one already?

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