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ASUS is offering up to £40 cashback on motherboards and up to £50 on GPUs

Now that Nvidia has unleashed the GTX 1080Ti and Intel has got the ball rolling with Kaby Lake, some of you are likely shopping around for upgrades. If that happens to be the case, then you may want to take a look at what ASUS has to offer as the company is offering cashback on select motherboard and graphics card purchases in the UK until the end of the month.

For motherboards, buyers can get up to £40 cashback depending on which motherboard they buy. The full list can be found below:

  • MAXIMUS IX Apex: £40
  • MAXIMUS IX Code: £40
  • MAXIMUS IX Formula: £40
  • MAXIMUS IX Hero: £40
  • MAXIMUS VIII Gene: £25
  • MAXIMUS VIII Hero: £35
  • MAXIMUS VIII Impact: £25
  • MAXIMUS VIII Ranger: £25
  • PRIME Z270-A: £25
  • PRIME Z270-K: £20
  • PRIME Z270-M-PLUS: £15
  • PRIME Z270-P: £15
  • SABERTOOTH X99: £25
  • STRIX X99 GAMING: £20
  • TUF Z27O MARK1: £40
  • TUF Z27O MARK2: £25
  • X99-A II: £20
  • X99-DELUXE II: £30
  • X99-E: £15

As for graphics cards, ASUS is offering £50 cashback for buyers of the GTX 1080 STRIX and £30 cashback for the GTX 1070 STRIX. Both the GPU offer and the motherboard offer end on the 31st of March, so you don't have long to take advantage. You will also need to make sure you are buying from a participating retailer.

Speaking of which, you can find all of the details on how to claim for motherboards HERE and GPUs HERE. This promotion has been running since the 10th of March, so if you have bought a motherboard or GPU since then, you will still be eligible.

KitGuru Says: It is always worth shopping around when planning an upgrade. If you are looking at getting a GPU and a motherboard, then you could end up with quite a good discount overall. 

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  1. Just a question is this mean you send them your old stuff or just a proof of purchase kind of thing. I would assume just a proof of purchase thing since it would be not worth it to send back your old hardware just to some a few bucks back or a slight savings on new hardware. I probably answered my own question but was not 100% on it.

    If it was a send the old hardware in kind of thing that would be a loss since I do the hand me down type thing with my older stuff when I get new stuff. Even then where ever the old hardware ends up is still better than what 90% of the people have in their retail store bought system’s lol.

  2. You keep your old stuff, it’s a proof of purchase deal.

  3. list of countries for the promo: https://www.asus-promotion.com/

  4. Yea that’s what I kinda thought but was not 100% sure. Then it is a great idea for sure and helps keep customer’s loyal to the brand.

  5. I don’t know, when I last checked the rebate just took the price down to about the same as everyone else was charging for similar spec GPU’s. Just means you have all the hassle of a mail in rebate. In these situations it makes me wonder why they don’t just reduce the price at point of purchase…… could it be so they have all your personal details on file?

  6. Why no cashback offer for the Asus X370 Hero VI?. Asus totally screwed up the BIOS and RAM clocking for this mobo.

  7. This is bullshit! Just for Inter motherboards…FU Asus!