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DirectX 12 powered games likely to arrive by the end of 2015

Microsoft’s upcoming Direct X 12 API upgrade is on the way this year but so are the first games to utilize it. We will likely start seeing the benefits of this new graphics technology by the end of the year, according to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, who has also taken an interest in PC gaming recently.

The new API will be used across both the PC and Xbox platforms, making it a central component to Microsoft’s new cross-platform approach, bringing Xbox and PC gaming closer together.


Responding to a question on Twitter, asking if games built from the ground up for DirectX 12 would appear in 2015 or 2016, Phil Spencer said “likely by the end of 2015”. Obviously this isn’t an iron clad confirmation, but it does mean that DX 12 powered games have planned launch dates for this year, at present.

One possible game that could make use of DirectX 12 is Fable Legends, coming from Microsoft owned studio, Lionhead. It is also the first game to feature cross-platform play between the Xbox One and PC.

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KitGuru Says: DirectX 12 is on the way, bringing new levels of performance to PC gaming. On the performance side of things, we already have an idea of what to expect, thanks to AMD’s Mantle API, which pushed Microsoft in to finally delivering a new version of DirectX. Are you guys looking forward to seeing the first DirectX 12 games later this year?

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