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It looks like there might be a GTX1080M after all

Back at the start of this month sources began claiming that Nvidia may skip the GTX1080M this generation and bring a modified/lower TDP version of the desktop GTX 1080 to laptops right off the bat. Nvidia already proved it could put desktop graphics in a laptop with the GTX 980 but it looks like that earlier information may not have been entirely accurate as conflicting information has come to light, claiming that we will actually see a GTX 1080M.

IVY Gaming Laptops briefly had a listing up (link removed, see image below) for an upcoming system featuring the GTX 1080M, which according to information obtained by cnBeta, will feature 8GB of GDDR5, rather than GDDR5X.


As far as other specs go, the GTX 1080M will feature 2048 CUDA Cores, compared to the desktop GTX 1080's 2560. The Mobile version will still be based on the Pascal GP104 but it will also run on a lower core clock speed of 1442MHz, rather than 1607MHz.

As always when dealing with unofficial information though, take it all with a pinch of salt. We now have conflicting rumours going around so things are a bit up in the air. It is worth pointing out that the GTX 1080M laptop listed is said to be launching at the end of July, so we should hear something official next month.

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KitGuru Says: We now have some conflicting information surround Nvidia's plans for laptop GPUs with Pascal but hopefully things will become a little clearer over the next month or so. Are any of you currently shopping around for a gaming laptop? Will you be waiting for Pascal offerings? 

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