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More GTX 1060 information leaks out, specs posted online

The midrange GPU market is starting to look very interesting as not only has the RX 480 from AMD launched but now we are starting to hear quite a bit about Nvidia’s GTX 1060. Last night rumours pointed towards a launch taking place next week with a retail date set for the week after but now we also have some potential specifications for the GPU.

According to a report from Videocardz, the GTX 1060 will feature 1280 CUDA cores (as previously estimated), 6GB of GDDR5 memory a boost clock of over 1700 MHz on the core and a 120W TDP.


Image source: Videocardz

The report reiterates the 7th of July launch date that we heard yesterday and apparently the previously leaked image of the new cooler is also accurate.

According to the leaked slides, the GTX 1060 aims to bring GTX 980 performance to a more affordable price point. On top of that, the slides point towards the GPU being up to 1.4 times more efficient than the recently released RX 480, so it could end up being very competitive.

KitGuru Says: As always, take unofficial information with a pinch of salt. That said, if these rumours do prove true, then we don’t have much longer to hear something official, as the launch is said to take place next Friday. Are any of you in the market for a new GPU? 

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  • Mike

    I hope it’s only $250 or less, but wouldn’t be surprised if they go for 300, especially at first with high demand and short supply. Hopefully not, so I can get one.

  • Myles Miller

    They will likely shoot for around 300 for the 6gb edition, so that way those that try to use 2 1060’s in SLI to match 1080 will still pay price of 1080.

  • Heervristi

    yeah and sadly if you live outside the US the prices will be even more than 300 🙁

  • Gary Keen

    This was my favourite slide. Misleading marketing strategies at its finest xD

  • Marc palmer

    Rumour has it the 1060 will not support sli for this very reason

  • GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

    yeah, nvidia keeps using bullshit like this. that’s why i don’t like ’em tbh.

  • Najeeb Shah

    what? could not hear you over the sound of your blind hate

    nvidia backed their claims by providing cards that are a true generational leap ahead

  • rocky40

    If this is for real that it just all of a sudden comes into play right after the RX 480 release it shows that Nvidia is scared they will lose market share. I mean if these are actually Nvidia slides and they out right compare to the RX 480 they must be scared and are using BS marketing trying to down play the RX 480 as much as they can. Whats weird is the RX 480 already matches the 980 in a lot of games and if it does not it comes very close to the 980 so with some driver releases it will be even a bit faster once AMD works some kinks out. So for Nvidia to say 980 performance yet in Gary’s slide they say just 1.1 times faster than the rx 480. Yes I know leaked info is to be taken with a grain of salt..lol I just find it messed up we never heard a thing about the 1060 from Nvidia until a day after the RX 480 release but hey I guess it gave them the info they needed to overclock the 1060 some more so it was faster than the rx 480 just like how they clocked the frack out of the 1080 & 1070 cards to be able to beat a much higher end 980Ti and the Titan cards. I said when I seen the clocks for the 1060 & 1070 that Nvidia did the over clocking for us because hell you don’t get much head room for your own over clocking like we have had in the past from Nvidia cards so they pushed their tech to the limit so they could say hey look we made a small chip that out does out last gen cards with maxwell big chips. Kit Guru I would like to see a clock for clock compare of GTX 980 & Titan against a GTX 1080 yes you would have to lower the clocks of the 1080 to match the 980 & Titan but it would show that this gen Nvidia got pretty much all of their extra speed from them pushing their chips to the limits just so they could out do their last gen cards because they would like us to believe as they have stated that all of that speed came from the new chip design and not from pushing the limits of their tech.

  • rocky40

    yea if it don’t support SLI they just shot them selves in the foot because this is the product range a lot of people go for and double up on the cards to get next tier performance. If it don’t support it it just helps AMD I guess because the RX 480 supports cross fire…lol Then again when I read a couple of reviews with the 1070 in SLI the performance gain was pretty crappy in some cases they eiter were only slightly faster than a single 1080 or actually slower with 2 1070’s than with just 1 1070 it could be just the games the sites used or the 10 series may have bandwidth problems Nvidia does not want us to know about hence the reason for support for only 2 cards this series not sure.

  • Jon Jones.

    Grow up. It’s business. The fastest card is the fastest card – it doesn’t matter how they did it. Oh, and learn how paragraphs and punctuation works. Your comment is unreadable.

  • Jon Jones.

    You forget that this “leak” is unconfirmed. It is probably total bullshit and Nvidia had nothing to do with it.

  • Jon Jones.

    Rumour, that’s all it is. A rumour.

  • Kathy Edgar


  • Craig456456

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  • GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

    I’m not hating, fuck, I even use an nVidia GPU (that barely works from day 1 I suppose). You’re missing the point tho, they’re using graphs in which visually it shows double performance of RX 480, while that is complete bullshit. Just on the bottom of the page you can see only marginal improvements by 1.1x or whatever the fuck they claim.

  • G7r9T3

    They are to do a paper launch. No real availability until end of summer. And price will surely be above stock 480s and matched to custom 480s which will be tied in performance imho. So, competition will lead them to lower the prices a bit at least.

  • Mike

    Yeah NV cards are good stuff, but Gary makes a very good point here. And Grimm, I have seen AMD lie too, such as saying how amazing bulldozer would be- it was nothing special and was priced as such.
    All these corporations want your money. That’s it. You want to demonize
    one and be a fanboy of another fine, but I am telling you, they only
    care about your money.

  • Kelvin Williams

    Yes because it takes a week to design a gpu….

    People are braindead

  • Dazed

    but, will it brick my motherboard?

  • susanbregister


  • Maurice Fortin

    do you know how many generations of Nv cards do/did the same via overdraw power rails etc, MANY so keep quiet and stop falling into the fud 🙂

  • Maurice Fortin

    Amen to that, vast majority of the supposed performance gained is via massive factory clocking, this will also lead to early failure rates I can pretty much gaurantee it, low power draw or not, they still get crazy hot, and Nv is known to not use the best quality component or PCB design.

    Slow down watch it be not faster maybe even slower then what it replaces. and the SLI bridge they now have, more $, offers nothing in return 😀

  • rocky40

    LOL if your replying to my post what I was trying to say was we never heard anything from Nvidia about the 1060 until just after the rx480 release. The 1060 was rumored to be coming out this fall then all of a sudden it’s release seems to be pushed forward to within the next few days.

    Of coarse it takes longer than a week to design a GPU nobody said it didn’t.
    We all assumed there would be a 1060 at some point it just makes sense. All of the info we have no on the leaks have to be taken with a huge grain of salt for all we know at this point is it is some fan sites trying to stir up excitement for Nvidia. I do still want to see a clock for clock compare of a 980 Ti vs a 1080 just to see who would win and which card is better once the clock rates are matched.

  • Marc palmer

    Confirmed, that’s all it is. Confirmed

  • ssj12

    That a fake slide. It doesnt even exist. Nvidia has released the product page. http://www.geforce.com/hardware/10series/geforce-gtx-1060#cid=eBlast_1060Announce&utm_source=GeForce-Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=CTA-button-link&utm_campaign=1060Announcment_070716

  • GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

    It’s a real slide, that’s literally made to be misleading.

  • Jon Jones.

    “I do still want to see a clock for clock compare of a 980 Ti vs a 1080
    just to see who would win and which card is better once the clock rates
    are matched”

    Why? It’s completely irrelevant.

  • rocky40

    Yes actually it is because Nvidia is marketing the new cards as the new holy grail of GPU’s and by doing a clock for clock compare we would actually see if the new found speed is from all the new tech in the GPU or just from the very high clock speeds alone. I hope Kitguru actually does this compare but I think Nvidia probably does not want the review sites doing that but Kit has been known to go against the grain so to speak so maybe they will do it.

  • Jon Jones.

    The clock speed is part of the design. It doesn’t matter how they made it faster.

    Say you buy a car, you tune it up. Increase the airflow, stick a turbo on it. Fit a better compressor. Fit a wider fuel injection. It will go faster. Nobody cares how.

    A clock for clock comparison is irrelevant because the 10’s are a whole new architecture. The 9’s and 10’s don’t work in the same way.

    The only thing that matters is which is the best card.

  • Jon Jones.

    Still not confirmed. And when I post it was a rumour. But still technically you don’t need an SLI bridge for SLI. But I doubt they have have that ready yet – if they have, then it’s boom, checkmate.

  • rocky40

    LOL Pascal is a node shrink but a lot of the underlying tech in the chip is derived from Maxwell 2 chips. Yes there are a few new features here & there. It was stated on several websites this & no I won’t list websites here that’s what google is for.

    Yes the new node size allows the chips to run faster & yes Nvidia reworked the chip a bit so it could run faster clocks but it is pretty apparent that clock for clock the 10 series is a lot slower than the 9 series except maybe VR. I am sure there are a lot of other people out there that would it useful if some site would run the clock for clock compare. I have nothing against Nvidia I plan on getting a 1080Ti when released or if AMD Vega pans out maybe that instead either or which ever costs a bit less & gives good numbers at 4K.