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New details on Nvidia’s rumoured 3GB GTX 1060 appear online

Last week, Nvidia officially announced the latest addition to its Pascal lineup with the GTX 1060. At the time, we heard about the 6GB version of the card, but prior to its announcement, there were rumours pointing towards a cheaper 3GB model and now, it appears some of the key specifications for that version have landed on the web.

According to a leak coming from the site Benchlife, the GTX 1060 3GB will feature the GP106-300 GPU, while the 6GB version features the GP106-400. According to the report, this 3GB GTX 1060 will feature less CUDA cores and Texture Mapping Units.


Aside from that, we still don't know much in terms of clock speeds or pricing but according to Videocardz this GTX 1060 will be coming out in August, around the same time that Nvidia is currently rumoured to announce its Pascal Titan GPU. If the timing is accurate, then we don't really have much longer to wait to learn more details but as always, it is a good idea to remain sceptical of unofficial information.

KitGuru Says: If Nvidia is planning a 3GB GTX 1060, then perhaps we will just see a quiet launch for it, rather than a big announcement, like we had for the 6GB version. That is just speculation on my part though. Would any of you be tempted by a cheaper 3GB GTX 1060? 


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