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AMD and Firaxis team up for DirectX 12 renderer in Civ VI

AMD and Firaxis studios have decided to team up for Sid Meier's Civilization VI, creating a new DirectX 12 renderer specifically optimised to bring an in-game performance boost to Radeon graphics cards. This means that Civ Vi will support technologies like Asynchronous Compute and Explicit Multi-Adapter.

Right now, AMD's Graphics Core Next and Polaris architectures seem to have the best support for Asynchronous Compute, so GPUs like the RX 480 may see a nice performance bump. This technology allows GPU-related tasks to be completed in parallel, rather than one at a time, which can lead to a significant performance advantage.


Explicit Multi-Adapter support on the other hand allows developers to spread workload across multiple GPUs using tools like Split-Frame Rendering, which initially debuted as part of the Mantle API in Civilization: Beyond Earth. This tool breaks every single frame down in to tiles and assigns each one to a GPU, each card then works together to assemble the tiles into a single frame.

Civilization VI comes out on the 21st of October this year as a PC exclusive. Aside from that, there will be four DLCs releasing later on to help expand the base game.

KitGuru Says: Given this news, it will be interesting to see how well Civilization VI runs across a range of cards when it comes out later this year. Are any of you looking forward to Civ VI? What do you think of the new partnership with AMD? 

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