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New references to Navi 22, Navi 23, Navi 12 Lite and Navi 14 GPUs spotted

Over the course of this year, AMD has been making headway in the GPU market with its RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT GPUs. A while back, AMD CEO, Lisa Su, did mention that high-end Navi was ‘on track', so there is a bigger, more powerful version to come later down the line and now, evidence of ‘big Navi' is starting to pop up, with driver references to Navi 22 and Navi 23 being spotted. 

Over on the 3DCenter forum, one user did some digging inside of a new Linux driver, finding two strings labelling “AMDGPU_NAVI22” and “AMDGPU_NAVI23”, in addition a ‘Navi 12 Lite' GPU is also listed.

Moving on from there, a Reddit user claiming to be benchmarking an upcoming AMD APU has posted a series of code references to Navi 14, some of which should power the RX 5500 and RX 5500M. Some of the other SKUs could be cut down versions of the chip intended for an RX 5300 series of GPUs.

These are still early days for rumours surrounding additional upcoming RX 5000 series Navi-based graphics cards but progress is being made. Perhaps over the course of Q1 and Q2 2020, we'll start to see the rest of the RX-5000 lineup fill up.

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KitGuru Says: As always, nothing is confirmed but it stands to reason that a good number of additional Navi GPUs are on the way to bulk up the roster. Some of these listings could also potentially be referring to upcoming SKUs intended for next-gen consoles, which are also on the way next year. 

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