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Nvidia announces DLSS 2.0 with improved rendering quality

Alongside the launch of GeForce RTX graphics cards, Nvidia also announced DLSS, a new feature that utilises machine learning to boost game performance. In its original form, DLSS had some issues and exhibited questionable image quality in some titles. That may change starting this month, as Nvidia has now announced DLSS 2.0, overhauling the tech for better results. 

If you played Wolfenstein: Youngblood after its RTX update earlier this year, then you will have already seen a preview of the quality improvements coming with DLSS 2.0. Previously with DLSS 1.0, the algorithm had to be trained on a per game basis but with DLSS 2.0, the system is much easier to integrate, which means more developers should be hopping on board to use it.

Here is Nvidia's breakdown of the improvements made for DLSS 2.0:

  • Superior Image Quality — DLSS 2.0 offers image quality comparable to native resolution while only having to render one quarter to one half of the pixels. It employs new temporal feedback techniques for sharper image details and improved stability from frame to frame.
  • Great Scaling Across All RTX GPUs and Resolutions — a new AI model more efficiently uses Tensor Cores to execute 2x faster than the original, improving frame rates and removing restrictions on supported GPUs, settings and resolutions.
  • One Network for All Games —The original DLSS required training the AI network for each new game. DLSS 2.0 trains using non-game-specific content, delivering a generalized network that works across games. This means faster game integrations, and ultimately more DLSS games.
  • Customizable Options — DLSS 2.0 offers users three image quality modes (QualityBalanced and Performance) that control render resolution, with Performance mode now enabling up to a 4x super resolution. (i.e. 1080p → 4K). This means more user choice, and even bigger performance boosts.

Several games already have DLSS 2.0 capability, including Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Deliver us the Moon. This month, Mechwarrior 5 and Control will also be patched with DLSS 2.0 improvements. Older DLSS 1.0 titles like Battlefield V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Metro Exodus would require a patch, so these improvements may not arrive for all previous DLSS supported titles. However, the improved integration method and support for Unreal Engine 4 means that we should see more developers adopting DLSS 2.0 as the year goes on.

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KitGuru Says: DLSS sounded very exciting to me when it was first announced but the image quality sacrifices certainly held things back. From the sounds of it, DLSS 2.0 is going to be a big upgrade all around, so I'll be looking forward to checking out the improvements in Control and Wolfenstein later in the week. Do many of you own an RTX GPU? How often do you use DLSS in its current form? 


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