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Nvidia GTX 1060 benchmark results appear online

Right now current rumours are pointing towards Nvidia launching the GTX 1060 very soon. We have seen some leaked images, we’ve had a look at some leaked specifications and now some benchmark results have also appeared on the web, giving us an early idea of how this GPU performs.

The GTX 1060 is currently expected to launch with the GP106 chip, with a base core clock of 1506MHz and a boost clock of 1708MHz, along with 6GB of GDDR5 memory and a 120W TDP. In terms of raw performance, according to some leaked Firestrike benchmarks, the GTX 1060 will have a slight edge over a stock RX 480.


Image source: Chiphell

In our review for the AMD RX 480, the card scored 10,537 points in the default Firestrike test at its base 1266MHz core clock. The leaked benchmark results posted by Chinese site Xfastest (via Videocardz), show that the GTX 1060 scoring 11,225 points in this test. Bumping things up to Firestrike Ultra (4K), the RX 480 scored 2718 points overall in our review, while these leaked results show the GTX 1060 scoring 3014 points.

Previous reports have pointed to the GTX 1060 launching on the 7th of July, so perhaps we will see some reviews at some point in the next week or so.

KitGuru Says: It looks like the mid-range GPU market is going to have some competition soon, assuming the leaks have been accurate. Do keep in mind that while these early results are interesting to look at, it is usually best to wait for proper reviews before making any final judgements. 

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  • Steven Davidson

    Under $300 = sold.

  • BigJimbo

    I’m calling £300-350. Nvidia normally try to price their products relative to each other rather than positioned competitively to AMD. If it’s cheaper than then R480 then AMD are pretty much DOA.

  • lehpron

    Subjectively, sure. But that would depend on everyone’s separate idea of “worth”. If anyone decides to pay the purported $250-300 for GTX1060 over the less than 10% performance from RX-480 down at $199-229, it won’t have much to do with the performance difference with RX-480.

  • Gizfreak

    sadly, this isn’t going to happen, I’d say more like 350$ for the 3GB version

  • SlappyTheElf

    The founders edition is going to be expensive, partner cards less so. Looks faster but a little pricer although the extra ram plus better compatibility with asynchronous compute and DX12 might actually make the RX 480 a better long term bet much like the gtx680 vs the radeon 7970 when they moved to their gtx770 and r9 280x designations and the AMD card came to the fore with its more forward looking GNC and greater vram.

  • Danijel Mitic

    There is no 3GB version

  • Jordan Lee

    It’s $250, it’ll be at most £250. £300-350 would be way expensive for the performance!

  • Mary8561

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  • Mike Murray

    Im gonna say 319.99 i cant see how you can price a 1060 at 350 when you can get a brand new 980 ti for 399

  • Enverex

    £230 for aftermarket cooler versions. Not bad.