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Nvidia investigating reports of melting RTX 4090 power adapters

Prior to the launch of the RTX 4090 there were some rumours about the new 12VHPWR connector and potential issues with it. Now, two buyers of the new graphics card have reported burn damage to the 12VHPWR adapter, as well as damage to the connector on the graphics card. 

Two Reddit users have posted this week claiming their RTX 4090 has suffered burn damage. One of the posts also includes pictures of a melted power adapter for the graphics card, as well as damage to the connector on the card. It is concerning, to say the least, particularly given the cost of these new graphics cards. In a statement sent to The Verge, Nvidia confirms it is aware of these reports and that they are currently investigating. So far, there are claims that custom Gigabyte and Asus versions of the RTX 4090 have been affected.


Images via u/reggie_gakil on Reddit.

Unfortunately, the posts don't let us know what power supplies were being used here. Cablemod previously stated that bending the wires too close to the connector can cause misaligning within the connector. PCI-SIG has also provided images showing the impact bending the connector can have, including burn damage. With that in mind, this could very well be where the issue arose. If that is the case, then Nvidia and board partners may need to consider a new adapter for RTX 4090 GPUs.

We've tested several RTX 4090 graphics cards so far and have not encountered this issue, but there is clearly something going wrong for some users. Hopefully Nvidia can provide an update after liaising with those affected.

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KitGuru Says: We'll be keeping an eye out for any further updates on this story. Have any of you picked up an RTX 4090 since launch? Have you faced any issues? 

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