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Nvidia’s FCAT VR performance analysis tool is now available

Back when Nvidia began showing off the GTX 1080Ti, the company also announced FCAT VR, its newly developed tool for properly benchmarking virtual reality titles. Up until now, benchmarking VR games has been a bit of an issue but with FCAT VR now freely available, GPU reviewers and VR enthusiasts can start to put together real performance comparisons.

FCAT originally launched back in 2013 as a free benchmarking tool, which measured not only frame rate, but microstutter, dropped frames, frame pacing and more, allowing for much more detailed analysis of GPU performance in individual titles. Now, this same tool is being extended to VR.

This new version of FCAT won’t just be useful to enthusiasts and reviewers, but developers too. This will allow game makers to reliably test performance of their VR titles across a range of GPUs to ensure a good experience across the board, which is particularly important in virtual reality, where frame drops need to be practically non-existent.

FCAT VR is now available to download for free from Nvidia’s website. There is also a handy video going over the basics of it, which you can find embedded above.

KitGuru Says: Virtual reality games can be quite demanding and with FCAT VR now out there, we may finally start to see some proper performance analysis of high-end VR games across a range of GPUs. This will certainly be a nice change from the usual SteamVR and other synthetic VR benchmark results.

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