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Nvidia’s latest driver adds Resizable BAR, Game Ready optimisations and more

Earlier this week, we were wondering when Nvidia may update us on the status of ResizableBAR support for the full range of RTX 30 series graphics cards. It turns out, we didn't have to wait long, with today's GeForce driver update unlocking the feature, amongst other improvements for Nvidia Reflex and game optimisations. 

Nvidia's GeForce Driver 465.89 is now rolling out, with fresh optimisations for Evil Genius 2: World Domination, the Kingdom Hearts series, Dirt 5's new ray-tracing update and Outriders, which launches tomorrow, 1st April.

The other major gaming improvement is the addition of Nvidia Reflex in Rainbow Six Siege. Following in the footsteps of other major competitive shooters, Nvidia Reflex is now available in Rainbow Six Siege, enabling much faster input response times. In this case, system latency can be reduced all the way down to 13ms on the RTX 3080, or 22ms on the RTX 2060 Super. GTX series graphics cards will also see some improvement – the GTX 1660 Super for instance sees latency reduced from 37ms to 26ms with Nvidia Reflex activated.

After a month or so of waiting, this driver also adds Resizable BAR on all GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards, paving the way for more gaming performance.

This driver also adds five new G-Sync Compatible gaming monitors to Nvidia's approval list, including the Asus XG16A, Dell S2522HG, LG 7GP850/27GP83B, LG 32GP850/32GP83B and the Xiaomi Mi 245 HF1.

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