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Overclockers UK begin selling GTX 970s with reference style cooler

If you've been shopping around for a new graphics card recently, then you probably noticed that reference model GTX 970s are impossible to find, presumably because nobody is making them. However, OCUK have taken things in to their own hands and have designed an Nvidia style reference cooled GTX 970 to sell exclusively.

The Overclockers UK in-house GPU guru, Andrew ‘Gibbo' Gibson has also managed to improve on the blower style cooler design by changing out the containers in which the inductors are located for better quality items. This helps reduce and in some cases eliminates the possibility of coil whine.

GX-205-OK_101441_600  GX-205-OK_98233_600

The factory used to make these Overclockers UK exclusive graphics cards has been instructed to only use Samsung memory as well, meaning that no components are being skimped out on. Blower style coolers are particularly useful for those who wants to use two or three graphics cards in SLI as the heat generated by the chip is blown straight out of the back of the case, helping maintain airflow and manage heat effectively.

The card is priced well against other high-end GTX 970 solutions, coming in at £319.99. You can buy one, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: This is possibly the only reference style GTX 970 available in the world right now so it is worth considering if you want the blower style cooler. What do you guys think of this? Are you a fan of Nvidia's reference design? 

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