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Report claims GTX 1080Ti is no longer in production

While Nvidia's new RTX 20-series graphics cards have been selling well, quite a few people have also turned to the older GTX 10-series for a cheaper upgrade. The GTX 1080Ti has continued to be a popular seller but it looks like supplies are now starting to dwindle.

According to ‘multiple industry sources' speaking with GamersNexus, the US supply chain of GTX 1080Tis is starting to shrink and manufacturers are running low on stocks. Apparently, the GTX 1080Ti GPU is no longer in production so once this last lot of cards are gone, retailers likely won't be able to stock up again.


Right now, the RTX 2080's biggest competition is Nvidia's own GTX 1080Ti but the upcoming shift in availability will change that a bit. Here in the UK, the GTX 1080Ti situation is looking similar on the surface, with retail stock starting to run low with fewer partner cards available to choose from.

KitGuru Says: The GTX 1080Ti still continues to be a top-performing graphics card and is priced quite competitively at the moment. Have any of you picked up a GTX 1080Ti recently? Are you hoping to get one before they run out? 

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