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Sapphire reveals ITX R9 380 Compact Edition

As small form-factor PCs rise in popularity, so do small form-factor graphics cards.  Today, Sapphire has announced the AMD R9 380 ITX Compact Edition, a shrunk down version of the R9 380 graphics card. The compact edition has been developed with small ITX builds in mind, with a short 171mm long PCB and an efficient multi-heatpipe cooler.

Like other ITX graphics cards, Sapphire's R9 380 uses a single fan with dual ball bearings for air cooling. Specifications of the card itself include 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM, 1792 stream processors, GCN architecture and an out of the box 980MHz core clock speed.


For connectivity, the card comes with a HDMI port, two mini display ports and a DVI port. As you would expect, the usual AMD technologies are all supported including TrueAudio, the HD Media accelerator, PowerTune, Virtual Super Resolution and frame rate target control.

The Sapphire R9 380 Compact Edition costs £139.99 here in the UK and $204.99 over in the US. Pricing and availability will differ depending on the retailer.

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KitGuru Says: These Mini-ITX cards may come in handy for those looking to build a small PC, either for portability or for another room in the house. Are any of you planning a small form-factor build? 

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